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Manufacturing Savvy

On Earth Day Vow to Become a Zero Landfill Facility

Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing facility (TIEM) in Columbus, Indiana achieved zero landfill status in 2004.

Subaru of Indiana did it in 2007.

Lipton Tea's plant in Suffolk, Virginia got there in 2009.

Burt's Bees of Durham, North Carolina joined the club in 2010.

And there are many more.

Now it's your turn. On May 18th, at Subaru of Indiana Automotive, manufacturers have the opportunity to tour the plant and learn how it's done. For information on the workshop that includes other speakers click here.

Each year the U.S. creates 243 million tons of waste (according to the EPA) with more than half ending up in landfills.

Let's put a stop to this.

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