Manufacturing Savvy

The Envy of Manufacturers

Here is the company that all manufacturers envy. The Hansgrohe Group, based in Germany, has the environment covered at every angle. One of its products, the Pontos AquaCycle, recycles grey water from the shower or bath using an organic, non-threatening biological technique. The hygienically clean water, or gray water, can then be used to do the laundry, water the garden, clean the house and flush the toilet.

But wait it doesn’t end there. Guess where they manufacture this progressive product? They manufacture the products in a production facility in Offenburg, Germany, using environmentally-friendly solar energy equipment. The electricity from the solar energy is fed in its entirety into the Offenburg plant’s power grid and is utilized in eco-friendly shower manufacturing.

The power generator reduces roughly 100 tons of greenhouse gases per year.

And before you say that they are merely following the green trend, the plant has been doing this since 1993!

Of course this type of company continues to search for environmental improvements and is finding ways to recover and reuse the nickel and brass used in faucets and the plastics used in the molding of shower heads and hand showers. Since 2004 the company has been reutilizing over 85% of material wastes that would have otherwise been scrapped and impacted the environment.

Hansgrohe take a bow!

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