Gaining a Supply Chain Edge

Evolving the Value Proposition of Your Supply Chain

I've spent a lot of time analyzing the cyclic recession/recovery process over the last two years. As a result, I've uncovered a way to harness that cycle and advance the value of an organization's supply chain.

Underneath all the predictions and analysis about economic recovery, there's an independent cycle of evolution that presents major opportunities for improving value in a supply chain. I call this cycle the Supply Chain Value Contribution Cycle (SCVCC), and it includes four phases:

Phase 1: Reduction
Phase 2: Redesign
Phase 3: Drive Growth
Phase 4: Transformation

For details on how the four phases work and a real-life example of how a convenience store is improving its retail supply chain value, see my new article, Four Phases to Evolve the Value Proposition of Your Supply Chain.

Tompkins Associates

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