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Manufacturing Savvy

'Finally Recognizing' Critical Role of Manufacturing

Industry group, Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), expressed the joy that all of us feel that manufacturing has taken center stage.

Here are the comments of their CEO, Stephen Gold:

"After years of public officials ignoring or even writing manufacturing off, our national leaders are finally recognizing the critical role the factory sector continues to play in innovation, creating jobs, and raising living standards. MAPI applauds the President for shining a primetime spotlight on American manufacturing.

President Obama expressed a strong interest in devising ways to maintain and increase the domestic manufacturing base. The key is to create policies that make US investment and production more alluring and, as our research has shown, nothing would do more to achieve this goal than reducing the rates and complexity of the current federal corporate tax code.

Considering the economic and financial challenges Americans still face, we do not have the luxury of waiting until after the 2012 elections. MAPI encourages the President and Congress to set aside their differences and start working immediately to develop a federal tax code that encourages investment and production in this country."

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