[ARCHIVE] Make Your Move

Food for Fuel (and Thought)

The EU Parliament is putting forth a proposal to limit the biofuel content in gasoline (think corn-based ethanol as an example).  They are concerned that diverting food crops to energy use could potentially drive up food prices. 

Biofuels are also expensive and drive up the cost of energy for businesses and consumers.  That is sound thinking coming out of Brussels, and Washington should consider doing the same.  Let’s phase out expensive and inefficient ethanol in favor of US oil or, even better, a switch to natural gas powered vehicles.

Economic factors, like food prices and higher biofuel-based energy costs, may be trumping climate change concerns in Europe.  California should take a lesson from Europe.  California is sitting on an immense shale-oil deposit in the Monterey Shale.

Developing the field would solve California’s fiscal problems while creating thousands of high-paying jobs.  A financial crisis is forcing Europe to consider energy-related changes that run counter to their culture.  I hope California does the same thing. 

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