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Goodbye to a Friend

Goodbye to a Friend

The economic development community, of which I consider myself an honorary member, had to say goodbye to a valued member. 

Sadly Dennis Burnett, executive director of the Shenandoah Valley Partnership, died very suddenly last night.

While my colleague Jessica Chlopecki and I only had the pleasure of knowing him for a few years he was always a bright spot for us at our EM Roundtables.

In fact just two weeks ago at the Roundtable in the Desert, at our group dinner, Dennis made a point of coming over to sit with us to thank us for the event. While most of the time was spent laughing, he did want us to know how much he appreciated these events.

I think his friend Lynn R. Mitchell said it best

Dennis, to you tonight, I raise my glass and eat a good supper, extra salty with tears. And worry not. I’ll have dessert. We all love you. We are better, as a community and as individuals, for having known you. Thanks, Dennis. For everything.

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