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The Great Google-Lapse -- Did You Even Notice?

Noted futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil has been heard to say that he considers Google, with its millions of users performing untold millions of searches per day (not to mention 5% of global web traffic), to be one step towards truly artificial intelligence. If that's true, then I guess the below -- an outage from earlier this month -- is a stumble on that path. (I'd call it a "senior moment" but Google's only 10 years old!)

As they say on the Arbor Networks site, this is what it looks like "when 5% of the Internet disappears on an otherwise uneventful Thursday morning. . ."
I was completely unable to access my Google mail client (Gmail) at that time, but because I'm so used to nonstop uptime with their services, I actually thought it was a proxy or hardware problem. Silly me. Next time, I'll start with thinking it's Google's fault, and work backwards to Microsoft.

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