How Boeing Has Leveraged Innovation to Reach New Heights

"From our earliest days, we've been trying to think about making things that we see better," Boeing Chief Technology Officer John Tracy says. "And that's really what innovation is all about."

Tracy explains that innovation, "at its very core, comes from within the people on our team." Those people are not much different from Tracy, who says he had a model X-15 fighter jet hanging from his ceiling when he was a kid.

"And I would stare it every night when I went to sleep," he says. "I don't think I'm unique. A great number of people who work here at Boeing fell asleep staring at airplanes hanging from their ceiling."

Tracy discusses Boeing's history and culture of innovation in a video series that the company launched today:


The videos released today feature:

Tracy discussing inspiration and innovation.
Tom Cogan, director, Commercial Airplanes product development, discussing the 787 Dreamliner.
Bob Liebeck, chief project scientist, on the X-48 blended-wing-body concept.

Boeing says it will release additional videos each month starting in March, continuing through the company's centennial in 2016.

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