Gaining a Supply Chain Edge
Jim Tompkins
Jim Tompkins

How Do Your Transportation Metrics Compare?

With faster paced shipping options becoming more and more of the norm, we've seen transportation's role in the supply chain gaining speed.

To keep up with competitors, anyone in the field of transportation needs to know how they compare in certain areas.

We, the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, recently put out a report that shows companies have been putting "the pedal to the metal" to improve truckload metrics over the past three years.

The Core Benchmarks: Transportation Report focuses on metrics for truckload, less-than-truckload, and parcel transportation from a variety of industries, including apparel and footwear, electronics, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical.

For truckload transportation, those leading the way in on-time pickup percentage are capable of an average of 97.2%, compared to 95% in previous years. And a particular metric that showed a high percentage peak was for orders delivered correct on-time (ODCOT), with a median jump from 90.3% in 2007-2008 to 95% today.

Even during tough economic times over the past few years, there has been steady progress over the last several years to improve truckload performance. Download the full report here to compare your transportation data.


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