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HP Wins Wal-Mart Award

Just read an interesting short take at Environmental Leader about a new way that the world's largest PC maker didn't just reduce waste, but actually added adding value to their product through better, greener packaging.

HP has redesigned the packaging of the HP Pavilion dv6929 by replacing conventional shipping materials and boxes with the HP Protect Messenger Bag with fabric made from 100 percent recycled materials.

The design, which Wal-Mart has named the winner of its Home Entertainment Design Challenge, reduces product packaging by 97 percent, conserving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions by removing the equivalent of one out of every four trucks previously needed to deliver the notebooks to Walmart stores and Sam’s Club locations around the country.

So instead of using the typical "box in a box in a box" for safe product shipping, HP has given consumers another reason to buy their product and has complied with Wal-Mart's tough packaging restrictions in the process.

To read a full interview with HP's director of social and environmental operations Dr. Judy Glazer, click here, or visit the IndustryWeek Green Spot page for the full lineup of companies pushing the boundaries of sustainable business leading practices (including Q&As with executives at IBM, Interface, Stonyfield Farms, and many others).

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