Manufacturing Savvy

I'll Buy It If It Helps the World

On this last week of the 2009, I thought I would highlight the inherent goodness of the consuming public.

Over 83% of the 6,000 people surveyed in 10 countries said that they would change their consumption habits if it can help make the world a better place to live.

And 61% put their money where their mouth is and have purchased a brand that supports a good cause even if it wasn't the cheapest brand available, according to the 2009 Global Edelman goodpurpose study.

An interesting factor is how different countries react. While 57% globally say a company or brand has earned their business because it has been doing its part to support good causes, in China that number moves to 85% and India it is 84%.

Looking at cars in particular, more than twice as many people (67%) would rather drive a hybrid car than a luxury car (33%), with Japan (89%) and France (84%) preferring hybrid cars most.

The study results suggest even in tough times brands will continue to benefit from contributing to a positive social purpose, with 64% of people globally saying they would recommend a brand that supports a good cause (up from 52% in 2008, and in the U.S., up 16 points from 47% in 2008 to 63%.)

"People are demanding social purpose, and brands are recognizing it as an area where they can differentiate themselves and in many parts of the world, not only meet governmental compliance requirements, but also build brand equity," said Mitch Markson, Edelman's chief creative officer, and founder of goodpurpose.

"This year's study shows that if companies respond intelligently to the sea change in consumer attitudes, brand loyalty among consumers - even during seriously challenging economic times - will actually grow. Even better, consumers will want to share their support for these brands with others," Markson added.

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