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Innovation in China

Human progress most often stems from dissatisfaction; when individuals or groups of people decide to challenge the status quo. When a series of events forces a change and improvement to what was going on before.

Today innovation is the word we most associate with human progress. From creating new products and services to designing better business processes to the way we acquire new knowledge, innovation is the desired end to a lot of what we do.

The formula is pretty simple: foster a culture of creative "destructors" and support them as they change the ways things are done. This will give us (our nation or organization) a sustainable competitive advantage for years to come.

These "destructors" are the ultimate dissenters. They are the ones who we hope will look at things with a very different set of eyes.

At it's core, innovation is about dissent.

So what about innovation in China- the country many choose to dominate the 21st century and beyond? How is the necessary dissent blossoming there?

We could learn a lot if we asked Liu Xiaobo, the most recent winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, he is in prison - with no prospect of being released anytime soon by the communist government.

It makes one wonder why, a generation after Tiannamen Square, China has still not yet created any discernible innovations.

But maybe we don't have to wonder. We already know the reason why.

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