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Mergers and Acquisitions: What's Happening Now is Not What You Might Expect

One might expect mergers and acquisitions to be slow, since many companies are still in recovery mode. But the opposite is true -- we are seeing a lot of mergers and acquisitions right now. Corporate M&A is presenting the business world with the ability to zoom past the competition, as well as increase profitability.

To help prepare for this renewed importance of merger and acquisition strategy, I'm doing a podcast series on the topic that already has two installments, with two more on the way. It's part of the ongoing Global Supply Chain Podcast, which I host, and it has been going strong for over a year now.

The first podcast in this new M&A series is a general look at the state of M&A, overall and for specific industries. For instance, one industry's M&A activity is up 154%! I'll let you guess which until you hear the podcast or read the transcript. In this podcast, I present four keys to a successful M&A.

Listen here.

The second podcast is a really interesting interview I did with Technomic Asia's Steve Ganster, and he had a lot of great information to share. Steve has worked with hundreds of companies internationally on M&A projects, and his insight is valuable. He shares some of the common pitfalls of mergers and acquisitions, as well as ways to stay proactive and see the process through to success.

Listen here.

You may be saying, "This really doesn’t affect me, Jim, so why should I care?" Well, at some point, it is a good bet that your company will be involved in M&A – either acquiring and integrating another organization or becoming the one that is integrating into another organization. And if you are with an M&A firm, you can always learn more about what it takes to successfully merge entities.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen and subscribe so you get the next two installments in this series.

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