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Military Cuts & the Skills Gap: Interlocking Puzzle Pieces

Military Cuts & the Skills Gap: Interlocking Puzzle Pieces

A few loosely connected thoughts vis-à-vis the eye-popping military budget cuts proposed by the Pentagon this week, from the manufacturing standpoint:

● If the proposed military budget makes it through the congressional thresher—really if even a semblance of the proposal makes it through—an obvious byproduct would be that the number of military veterans looking to enter the civilian workforce would increase by a large number, and quickly.

● It seems highly likely that a large percentage of these job seekers would have skill sets that would transfer well to the manufacturing environment.

● Therefore, couldn't these military cuts help make the much-bandied manufacturing skills gap get noticeably smaller, quickly? Don't these cuts—assuming they reach fruition—represent an extraordinarily ripe opportunity for U.S. manufacturers?


Readers: your thoughts?

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