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New Feature. . .Ask the Experts: Lean Leadership

New Feature. . .Ask the Experts: Lean Leadership

I am excited to announce that we are launching a new feature.

The new feature is Ask the Expert: Lean Leadership, which provides you – our IndustryWeek community – an opportunity to pose your questions on this topic to Larry Fast, who has a wealth of experience to draw upon in providing his thoughts on the subject at hand.

In short, Larry has 35 years of experience in manufacturing and operational excellence. He is also the author of "The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence: A Leader's Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence," which draws upon those many years of experience. A more robust bio is available on the Ask the Expert site.

This Ask the Expert feature will work only with your participation. Are you looking for a little advice? Do you have a path you are planning to pursue but would like a second opinion? Here is the place to get that advice or find the second opinion.

Once you hit the Ask the Expert page, you will see (in the upper right) the spot to submit your question. Please don't hesitate in offering up your questions.

Check it out.


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