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Manufacturing Savvy

Note to Kimberly-Clark Suppliers --- Be Ready by 2015

By 2015 Kimberly-Clark wants 100% compliance to its social standards from their top-tier suppliers and contract manufacturers.

This goal was revealed on June 7 when the company announced its Sustainability 2015 goals at the exclusive Corporate Eco Forum, which is an invitation-only membership organization for Fortune 500 companies that demonstrate a serious commitment to sustainability as a strategic business issue.

The company's framework for sustainabilty goals has three pillars, People, Planet and Products.

Here are the goals for 2015:


Zero workplace fatalities
Socially focused programs in all K-C communities
100% compliance to K-C social standards for contract manufacturers and top-tier suppliers


25% reduction in water use and maintain quality of discharge
100% certified fiber
5% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Zero manufacturing waste to landfill


250 million new consumers touched
25% of 2015 net sales from environmentally innovative products
20% reduction in packaging environmental impact

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