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Offshoring and Reshoring: What's Your Story?

There is plenty of news about companies bringing manufacturing operations back to the U.S. but most of it focuses on corporate giants. That has prompted The Keystone Group to launch a survey to take the pulse of mid-market manufacturing companies.

Keystone says it wants to “acquire a definitive picture of the current state of offshore sourcing and manufacturing and provide mid-market executives with common-sense guidance from other companies who already have experience with offshoring…”

Among the questions Keystone is hoping to answer:

  • What is the strategic direction of other mid-market manufacturing companies related to offshore sourcing and manufacturing?
  • What successes have companies achieved from offshoring?
  • What are some of the common issues that companies have experienced as they go thorugh offshore initiatives?

Respondents to the survey will get a copy of the results, along with analysis from Keystone on keys to success and lessons learned from other companies considering a similar initiative.

To take part in the survey, visit

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