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Please Continue to Remove Your Shoes

The death of Osama Bin Laden should certainly be celebrated. He was more responsible than anyone else for the expansion of international terrorism in the last 20 years.

Still, we shouldn't expect things at our nation's airports to change much, if at all.

Those of us flying today, this month, or later this year will be subjected to the same byzantine aviation security system of the past ten years, i.e. pat-downs of 6 year olds, naked x-ray scanners, etc.

The creation of the TSA was a direct result of the 9/11 attacks and has been a major disappointment. Dishearteningly, John Mica, the Republican Congressman from Florida, who was the person on Capitol Hill most responsible for creating TSA in the first place, now describes the Agency as "my bastard child and a monster that we've created, a bureaucratic monster."

Having Bin Laden out of the picture is surely a good thing.

What we need to do now is force our leaders to re-evaluate how we deal with the threat of terrorism here at home.

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