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Promoting Products Made in America

Are you manufacturing, or do you have an invention ready to be manufactured, in the United States? If so, you might want to take advantage of the National Mail Order Association's Hot Product Contest.

Contestants can submit their products to the contest website and then online voters decide the winner. Voters, via social media, take a look at the products, rank them on a 1-5 scale and can also provide feedback about the product to the manufacturer.

NMOA says it has one main goal for the contest: "helping the thousands of manufacturers and inventors around the USA."

Kevin Harrington, a former judge on ABC's Shark Tank show, commented on the contest.

"Products made in America helps stimulate our economy, give back to the community and give our country some sense of pride," he said.

NMOA cited the economic impact that more purchases of U.S.-made products could have on the economy.

"Just think of it, about 250 million people retargeting $100 of their yearly spending on American made products would mean an extra twenty-five billion ($25,000,000,000) in extra sales...per year. What a boost this simple gesture would mean to all the people working and looking for work in America."

For more information, visit the contest website.

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