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Public-Private Hookups Galore: Is This a Trend or a Blip?

Public-Private Hookups Galore: Is This a Trend or a Blip?

I'm often surprised by the stuff I stumble onto simply by popping a couple of innocuous search terms into Google News.

The other day I was researching a story idea and I put in two broad terms—manufacturing and workforce—and wound up heading down a different path.

Take a look at these clips. All of them have been published in the last four weeks.

Something Solid & Positive

Now, I've only been covering workforce issues for IW since April. But to this neophyte's eyes, it sure looks like there's something interesting going on here. Something solid and positive. A surge, a gush, something.

Obviously this is an encouraging trend. If this type of public-private partnership were to catch fire everywhere—it's happening in a lot of places but not everywhere, not sea to shining sea—wouldn't it go a long way toward closing the skilled-worker gap that U.S. manufacturers face? If so, what's keeping it from happening?

While I'm at it, one last question (or two): Is this a mirage or the real deal? Does this burst of activity constitute a solid rock on which a reborn industry could be built, or is it an aberrant surge?

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