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Gaining a Supply Chain Edge

A Question Heard Every Day in Retail Stores Could Soon Become Obsolete

“Did you find everything you were looking for today?” We frequently hear sales associates ask this as we’re checking out with our purchases. But could this common question soon become obsolete?

Yes, and here’s why. Recent mobile app development could eventually make finding everything you need as simple as using a GPS. Called indoor mapping, retailers use in-store apps and GPS mapping to help customers find what they need, turn-by-turn, while in a store.

The apps can also deliver ads in the form of coupons and buying incentives at the same time that customers are standing in front of products that they are considering purchasing. This can also help retailers with improving store layout (and hence, boost supply chain efficiency).

Indoor mapping is still a few years away from becoming a common tool, but some retailers are already testing it. With a tool like this, customers should be able to easily find what they need. And this exactly is the kind of in-store experience that can bring in more customers, continually boost satisfaction levels, and turn them into repeat customers.

As retailers look for new ways to make in-store shopping more appealing, being able to help customers speed up the pace and find exactly what they need through indoor mapping is a great way to bring in customers and complement online offerings. Let’s keep an eye on this developing trend.

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