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Quick Hits: Social Software 2010 Trends

Watching Robert Scoble interview Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wong (both former Forrester-ites now at the Altimeter Group, and a couple quotes inspired this "quick hits" post.

Jeremiah, talking about viral PR and referencing the recent Whirlpool twitterstorm: "Real time is not fast enough."
Ray: "The pace of adoption is much slower than the pace of change."
Robert -- You almost have to be predictive and know today what people are going to be saying about you tomorrow."
Salesforce Chatter (new social platform) will be distributed for free with, which may be disruptive to the social platform space.
"The notion of B2B vs B2C is dead." As more of our connections become visible, it's all about the relationship and the context.
Facebook wants to be seen as an "identity company" -- they talked about the coming faceoff between Facebook and LinkedIn.
Blogs feel slow, none of these guys are using RSS readers anymore -- it's all about the microblogging.
Cisco launched Eos community platform for video companies to put more bits on the pipe -- "It's a great way to sell routers, because everyone needs more bandwidth now."
The intention web -- as and foursquare and the like become more visible and pervasive, they give marketers data points about future user behavior that should allow companies to enhance the user's experience (a la augmented reality).
Mobile interaction is growing, device-to-device interaction and mobile advertising should see huge growth in 2010.

Finally, Jeremiah suggested that Apple should crowdsource the App Store approval process -- and nobody laughed. (Except me.)

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