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The Robots First Conquered Japan...

Why am I not surprised that Japan takes the prize for the highest industrial robot to manufacturing worker ratio? And furthermore, why am I not surprised to find this cool (yet admittedly trivial) fact in the web annals of IEEE Spectrum magazine?

Fully 1/3 of industrial robots are in the automotive sector. Here's a graph breaking down the country ratios -- the sector breakdowns are included in the full story:

...and here's a video of the "Robocoaster" from a shopping mall in Dubai. (Not the same shopping mall with the indoor ski hill, by the way -- I've been to that one.) If this entertainment attraction proves popular, look for the UAE to inch its way up the IEEE standings (they don't have any manufacturing base to speak of, so their low denominator makes for what is, even with one robot, probably an already high ratio).

On an unrelated note, I'd hate to see what a Robocoaster defect looks like...

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