Manufacturing Savvy

Rockwell Automation Sees Green Everywhere

With $4.3 billion in annual sales and a workforce of 19,000, Rockwell Automation is doing their part for the environment. To them sustainable manufacturing is smart business.

"We believe if manufacturers are going to thrive in the post-recession global economy and help drive a global economic rebound, they need to adopt smart, safe, sustainable manufacturing technologies and practices. Smart, safe, and sustainable manufacturing enables manufacturers to increase productivity, meet business objectives and improve their ability to compete through better plant-wide use of energy and other natural resources, increased plant safety, and enhanced product safety and quality. A smart, information-enabled factory becomes a more energy efficient and safer factory."
From Smart, Safe and Sustainable Manufacturing, Corporate Responsibility Report of 2009

During 2009 at their 55 manufacturing and core locations they achieved the following:

Used 15% less electricity
Used 4% less natural gas
Increased 31% more liquid fuels
Decreased direct and indirect CO2 emissions by 12%
Reduced solid waste generation by nearly 30% and recycled or reclaimed 80% of that solid waste

Even their annual Automation Fair went green last year:

Used EPA SmartWay-certified freight transportation companies that used clean fuel-efficient trucks

Attendees received biodegradable literature bags with marketing materials produced by
FSC-certified printers who used recycled papers and soy-based inks.

Lighting and electronic devices were used at reduced energy levels and low energy lighting was used in many product displays.

Water was available from coolers instead of water bottles and they used biodegradable plates and cutlery.

To learn about other ways the company went green see their Sustainability Report

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