Manufacturing Savvy

Sustainability Payback

Wisconsin, through its Manufacturing Extension Partnership, is helping 45 manufacturers find a good ROI in their sustainability efforts.

And the projections look good. Over a five year period the 87 projects targeting energy, logistics, product and process innovation and environmental improvements are projected to generate a $54 million economic impact.

Five-year financial and environmental impacts for projects currently underway or planned include:
*$26.9 million in savings
*$23.5 million in increased/retained sales
*$3.6 million in investment
*$54 million total economic impact

Environmental impacts include reductions in:
*Electricity: 17.3 million kilowatt hours
*Carbon dioxide equivalents: 45.6 metric tons
*Transportation: 10.8 million miles
*Solid waste diverted from landfills: 11,245 tons
*Air emissions: 83.7 tons

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