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[ARCHIVED] Team Play
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Tell Us Who Belongs in the Hall

Pardon me while I take off my workforce hat for a moment and put on my Hall of Fame hat. …

From now through Sept. 15, IndustryWeek is accepting nominations for our annual IW Manufacturing Hall of Fame program. And in order to make sure this year's class of inductees ends up being every bit as classy as the previous five classes we've inducted—which is no small order—we're asking you, our venerated audience, to let us know about the deserving candidates that you know about.

If your career has been touched by someone who strikes you as Hall of Fame material—an exceptional leader, a mentor, an inspiration, an industry bar-raiser—please fill out our super-easy-to-fill-out Manufacturing Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

This form only takes a few minutes to complete. We just need the basics: the name of the person whose hat you're throwing into the ring, plus a few bits of information about his/her accomplishments and why you think he/she is worthy of induction into the IW Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

In order to be considered, your nomination must be submitted by Sept. 15.

After that, you can take off your nominator hat. Our judges will put on their judge hats and take it from there.

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