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The Ten Credos Of Marketing 3.0

Noted marketing theorist Philip Kotler has a new book out, Marketing 3.0, from Products to Consumers to the Human Spirit.

According to Kotler, the marketing game is changing again, in a fundamental way, and is moving towards an appreciation of deeper and more spiritual motivations. Customers, he says, are no longer just passive consumers, but are looking to participate in the process and participate with each other in ways that are enabled by new social tools. Marketing 1.0 focused on products, Marketing 2.0 focused on consumers; and marketing 3.0 focuses on a deeper level of communities and co-creation -- something I've been writing about fairly relentlessly for a while now.

Typical of the guy who brought you the "4 Ps of Marketing," Kotler boils it all down to 10 easy-to-understand credos, paraphrased below:
1. Focus on your customers and recognize the value of your competitors.
2. Be aware of change and be ready to respond to it.
3. Protect your reputation and create a definite identity.
4. Market first to patrons who will gain the most from your products.
5. Sell the best products and services at a "fair price."
6. Be accessible to customers, and make it easy for potential buyers to find you.
7. Establish, maintain and strengthen good customer relationships.
8. Recognize that all businesses are "service businesses."
9. Keep perfecting your operations, product quality, cost controls and delivery systems.
10. Always consider the ramifications of your business choices on all your constituents.

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