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MFG 2.0

They're Printing Guns And Drugs Now - Is Your Product Next?

A recent ExtremeTech post detailed how a member of the growing Maker community recently used a 3D printer to manufacture the main part (the lower receiver) of a .22 caliber pistol -- and then uploaded the schematic to a IP-sharing site. 

As the article points out this is not the first highly-regulated industry to receive the first hints of disruption via additive manufacturing (known colloquially as 3D printing) -- a article describes research into home printing of pharmaceutical medications

With use of MakerBots exploding, and thus driving the cost of rapid prototyping/manufacturing down, it's worth asking -- how will "cheap and easy" 3D printing affect your products and your industry?

The real question: Will you have to compete with your best customers? And, can you? 

Better to ask the question now, than when you've got a (metaphorical) 3D-printed gun to your head. If I were a product manager in manufacturing, I'd go check Thingiverse and see what homebrew competitors are spinning up to stick you up for your revenue. 

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