Manufacturing Savvy

The Ultimate Employee Benefit

Charging your electric car at work is a pretty amazing benefit. How many of us thought of that when we negotiated our employment contracts?

Employees at 3M headquarters in Maplewood, Minnesota now have this privilege. On Feb. 10 the company installed a ChargePoint Network electric vehicle charging station. It accommodates cars like the Chevrolet VOLT and Nissan LEAF electric car.

The new station, one of two to be installed, is part of a ChargePoint Network by Coulomb Technologies. Owners of electric cars can access the network on-line to identify nearby charging stations. They can even use smart phone applications to find stations.

It's a new world.

3M explains that this offering is a part of a company-wide commitment to environmental responsibility. Last year energy programs saved 8 million KWH of electricity and 585,940 Therms of natural gas.

The company is also very proud of its accomplishment of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by 77% since 1990 due to energy reduction efforts, improvements to manufacturing processes, product reformulation and pollution control equipment.

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