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What? Equipment is Too High Tech so You Can't Train Workers?

In reading an article about President Obama's recent trip to the Cree factory and his emphasis on getting people back to work in the manufacturing sector, I came across an interesting comment on MSNBC

Darlene Miller, CEO of Permac Industries in South Burnsville, Minn., who is member of President Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, pointed out that these days there is no time for on-the-job training to teach someone how to operate machinery.

While that sounds a little short-sighted to me, it gets worse.

"We just can't afford to take the time and the money to hire and have someone just shadow someone else and learn hands-on," she said. "The equipment is just too high-tech to do that."


Sounds like another comment I read in the NYT in which Dan Mishek, managing director of Vista Technologies, a manufacturer of plastic products said: "People don't seem to come in with the right skill sets to work in modern manufacturing. It seems as if technology has evolved faster than people."

Am I missing something here?

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