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What? They Can't Find an American Company to Do This?

I rarely express opinions in this blog but I feel the need to do so on this one.

The largest publicly owned utility in New Jersey, Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) has tapped a China-based company to provide modules for a photovoltaic project.

ET Solar Group Corp of Nanjing, China will supply 910 KW of 280 Watt modules that will be installed on two rooftops and two carport structures at Camden Street School in Newark, New Jersey, housing approximately nine hundred students.

You mean there aren't any American companies that can provide this type of product to a utility company?

And it's a school project on top of that?

Who is financing this project you might ask? PSE&G. They will also own it and operate it.

The fact that Boonton, New Jersey-based ALM Electric Co. will develop, integrate and install it doesn't mollify me as the manufacturing will be done elsewhere.

How does this promote our national agenda of creating green jobs?

OK, I'm done.

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