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When Was Your Last Family Safety Kaizen Event?

Here at IndustryWeek we talk a lot about EH&S issues, and as I'm sitting here trying to cope with a personal tragedy, it struck me that environmental health and safety gives me a good enough metaphorical excuse to talk to this community we've built up here at IW about something that recently happened to my family.

This past Saturday, my 13-year-old cousin, who was a joy for all of us (yes, even at 13 years old) went for a jog in her neighborhood in Cincinnati. She never returned. Suffice it to say that it’s not a story that ends well.

Unfortunately, such horrors are all-too-familiar story here in present-day America. By far, it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to us, and I figured at the very least, this horror story we're going through might be able to provide an opportunity for you all to review the safety issues that might be present in your own lives (especially those of the women and children around you).

I would urge you to give this essential, but often neglected, aspect of your personal safety and that of your family the same hard and dispassionate eye that you do to your work life. Because I can assure you, the consequences of not safety-proofing your family’s daily routine can have absolutely horrifying consequences.

(Note: In lieu of comments, please visit this link to donate to a international relief school rebuilding project being coordinated by Esme's sister in her name and make a donation if you can. Thank you for your generosity.)

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