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While the Senate Sits, U.S. Loses Green Jobs

According to the Small Business Majority, Main Street Alliance, American Businesses for Clean Energy and We Can Lead, inaction by the Senate in not passing the Climate/Energy bill is costing the country 1.9 million jobs, including 600,000 in 10 states with unemployment topping 10%.

The groups charge that China and other leading nations have gained more than $11 billion in job-creating clean-energy investments, while the U.S. is losing an estimated $208 million every day since the U.S. Senate abandoned comprehensive clean energy legislation in late July.

And they breakdown the job loss by state:

For state with unemployment rates over 10%:
Nevada (17,000 jobs
California (226,000)
Rhode Island (8,000)
Florida (78,000)
South Carolina (36,000)
Mississippi (19,000)
Oregon (26,000)
Indiana (45,000)
Ohio (61,000)
Illinois (68,000)

Even states with lower unemployment lost 300,000 jobs in the following states:
Arkansas (25,000)
Maine (12,000)
Massachusetts (40,000)
Minnesota (38,000)
Missouri (29,000)
Montana (13,000)
New Hampshire (7,000)
New Jersey (11,000)
Pennsylvania (78,000)
Virginia (50,000)

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