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Who is Seeing Green?

On Jan. 8 President Obama issued $2.3 billion in Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits for clean energy manufacturing projects. Across 43 states, 183 projects are slated to create tens of thousands of green jobs.

While projects selected for this tax credit generally must be placed in service by 2014, approximately 30% of them will be completed in 2010.

Who is doing what? Here are some of the projects receiving tax credits:

Itron, Inc.'s OpenWay CENTRON meter will expand capacity in their South Carolina plant to allow for increased production of it's Openway Centron Meter. The goal is to hit 4 million meters.

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is producing an advanced membrane for high efficiency fuel cells for buildings and vehicles. They are also manufacturing an advanced turbine filter to improve the performance of gas turbines.

PPG Industries, Inc. will produce a double anti-reflective coating for glass to make solar cells more efficient. At their Louisiana facility, PPG will produce a special tire tread component that reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.

TPI Composites, Inc. is building a new manufacturing facility in Nebraska to produce next generation wind turbine blades.

Think North America, a until of Norwegian electric car manufacturer, received funds to
invest in its electric vehicle assembly plant in Indiana.

Stirling Energy Systems will use their credit to manufacture components for a 25 kilowatt solar dish at a site in Livonia.

For a complete list click here

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