Gaining a Supply Chain Edge

Why Companies Should Employ More of Their Available Capital for Operations Improvements

There's a 'capital superabundance' occurring overall in business today. This means that most large companies are earning capital at impressive rates. But what are they doing with it?

Tompkins International's latest paper, Employing Available Capital Wisely, makes a case for why companies need to invest more of their available capital in operations improvements. In the current economic climate, businesses need to invest in effective supply chains that can lead to profitable growth, margin improvement, and capital efficiency. From operations to strategies, leveraging the supply chain will increase a company's economic value.

But investing capital in your supply chain doesn't just create near-term value. It also positions companies for long-term sustainability in the future.

So, how can you start creating long-term value? Consider these four important concepts:

  • Focus on long-term investments and innovation that bring real value.
  • Allow mistakes to be made, and learn from these mistakes.
  • Have the persistence to keep working.
  • Focus on the customer.

Value always begins with a strong capital investment strategy. What's yours? Download Employing Available Capital Wisely to learn how to create a strategy for success.



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