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[ARCHIVE] Learning is Change
Bill WilderLearning is Change

Will I See You at the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference?

On Monday, May 5, from 8 a.m –11 a.m. I will be leading a workshop on Changing Behavior to Produce Results: A Change Management Toolkit to Mobilize and Motivate People.

In this workshop you will create activities and plans for a real-life change, so come with a specific change in mind. You will create communications plans, practice coaching and develop learning impact maps. This is an active workshop in which you will participate in table group exercises, role-plays and active listening exercises.

Receive practical advice and tools from a change management practitioner for executing change management activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the key elements of a communications plan
  • Recall the elements of an effective change definition
  • Explain the importance of identifying the change
  • Assess individual acceptance of change
  • Create learning impact maps
  • Identify when training is the solution to a performance shortfall
  • Estimate requirements of a reinforcement plan
  • Describe the application of coaching cards
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