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Zoom, Zoom: Driving Supply Chain Execution Software Trends

I am definitely not an IT expert, but I know one when I see one. Kevin Hume, who recently joined Tompkins Associates, is part of our Supply Chain IT experts' team.

Last month, Kevin spoke with a variety of supply chain execution (SCE) software practitioners industry analysts, third-party integrators and supply chain software executives to get their take on emerging trends in SCE software over the next three to five years. See the post

I thought the top three trends that he discovered were worth passing on to readers. They are:

Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings Smart companies will move toward a cost-effective solution that can be quickly deployed with minimal investment in software applications and supporting hardware stacks.

Planning & Execution Integration Supply chains will require end-to-end visibility to quickly and easily make adjustments to their planning and execution processes. This need was never more evident than during the rapid economic changes in the past year and a half.

Model Driven Functionality Current and future SCE software customers are looking for a solution that can quickly adapt to emerging fulfillment demands in a zero modification environment. No doubt, this will be a successful tool in the industry.

OK, I think we see a pattern among the top three trends! The common denominator here is speed. And speed combined with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is driving these emerging trends. Check out Kevin's more detailed outlook in the SCIT Perspectives blog , and let us know what you are seeing today in the world of Supply Chain Information Technology.

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