Overcoming Organization Obstacles to Lean: presentation by Bruce Hamilton

The Lean journey encounters many obstacles during its various phases, most of which can be attributed to old, often invisible organizational structures fighting a new strategy. Organization is the embodiment of the status quo, affecting virtually every business process. Many seemingly mature lean implementations have foundered for failure to recognize and remediate these organizational obstacles to Lean. From social structure to bill of material structure to department structure to data structure, Bruce's presentation offers a unique perspective of the Lean journey that exposes the obstacles in a context that enables their removal.

This presentation is geared for more mature Lean implementations and implementers that have gained significant early benefits from Lean, but are concerned with long-term growth and enculturation of Lean thinking and action.

This video was filmed at the IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference (http://www.iwbestplants.com), April 23-25, 2012 in Indianapolis.


Key Takeaways:

  • Identify which self-improvement change agents you must first address to effectively lead the transformation.
  • Learn how to use an equilibrium chart to understand the key pressure points for the organization.
  • Discover where to look for and how to win over opinion leaders.
  • Learn how to manage upwards.
  • Uncover communication tips that will win converts.


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