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Pop Quiz: Assess Your Transformational Leadership

If you want the same results, keep doing the same thing. If you want improved results, transformational leadership is the key. 

That's the message from Dr. Richard D. Fulwiler, president of Technology Leadership Associates in Cincinnati. A longtime expert on safety, leadership and company culture, Dr. Fulwiler contends that involving the "hearts and minds" of employees will give them a stake in the overall success of the business. 

And he says that begins with leaders creating a culture of caring about their employees and involving them in all critical aspects of the company's direction. 

That means changing leadership style from transactional to transformational. And that can't be faked.

Dr. Fulwiler has developed this short self-assessment tool that may help you spur some thoughts about how you measure up in this area. 

Rate yourself 1-10 on the questions posed in the slides in this photo gallery. 

We'll show you how to figure out what your score means at the end. 

Useful links: Value of transformational leadership | Video interview with Dr. Fulwiler

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