Best of the 2015 Chicago Auto Show: Supercars

Automakers rolled out their latest models, newest technology and hot concepts for all to see at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

This year marks the 107th edition of the show which is the largest in North America, covering nearly a million square feet of Chicago's McCormick Place convention center.

Manufacturers pull out all the stops to show off their latest vehicles. Visitors can get behind the wheel and navigate indoor and outdoor test tracks, and then strap on a virtual reality headset to go racing in some Detroit muscle.

Supercars and good old fashioned horsepower take center stage. The high-powered and luxurious latest from Alfa-Romeo, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bugatti, McLaren and others are on the showroom floor.

This gallery features a look at most of them, and it won't cost you the $2.1 million needed to put that Bugatti in your garage.

All photos Rob LaFrentz/IndustryWeek

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