Cloud ERP for Streamlined Plant Operations

June 27, 2016
The cloud makes your job easier while making you more valuable to your organization. Read 3 Ways How.

As a plant manager, you’re responsible for ensuring smooth production, however keeping machines up and running while fighting fires is a regular part of the job. This leaves you no time for strategic analysis into better, more efficient processes and systems. Cloud ERP changes all that. No longer do you need to work long hours physically monitoring the plant floor and barely keeping up with other tasks, never mind driving strategy. The cloud makes your job easier. Here’s how.

  1. Employee Enablement

Keeping your people productive and safe is one of your primary goals—and a never-ending effort. Getting the right people, giving them the right tools and keeping them engaged makes all the difference. A cloud ERP system includes human capital management so you can view resource availability at any time. You can ensure that only trained operators are working on specific work centers and products, producing quality output.

  1. Responsive Decision-Making

Since you are the go-to person for critical decisions, you need access to actionable data to help you make more informed and timely decisions. A cloud ERP that’s connected to your plant floor records what is happening in production and makes it available immediately. Because it is based on a single source of truth, you get data on different activities—inventory, quality, labor, or production—in a single context to provide a clearer picture of any situation, even as it changes. A cloud-based solution can also be accessed from anywhere you are in the world from any mobile device.

  1. Production Control

The only way to control production is through complete visibility. When you have up-to-the-minute visibility into what is actually happening with production, you can do what you need to do to gain and retain control. Cloud ERP gives you transparency into all aspects of your business with ready access to real-time reports and easy-to-read dashboards for instant understanding of what is happening in production. Preventative maintenance and real-time monitoring keep assets up and producing as much as possible.

  1. On-Time Delivery

At the end of the day, you’re measured on how you met the delivery commitments made to customers. Cloud ERP that is designed around manufacturing best practices and supply chain procedures helps you deliver on time. With unprecedented visibility, you can see common inventory, resource, and even maintenance issues ahead of time, making it easier to react and still deliver to plan. And with sophisticated scheduling tools, you can commit to promise dates more confidently and adjust priorities as required.

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