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Pickle Manufacturer Supplies the World’s Largest Fast Food Restaurants

Aug. 8, 2019
A strategic partnership through digital reporting.

Hausbeck Pickle Co. produces an average 400,000 pounds of pickles or peppers a day for some of the world’s largest fast food restaurants including Subway, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, and KFC. The nearly 100-year-old company headquartered in Michigan also manages 900 50,000-pound tanks for brining pickles. For every 33,000 lbs. in the tanks, they get 22 pallets of pickles. They do this with extreme accuracy because their system of record is the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Another function of the company’s ERP system is to keep track and to trace ingredients from receipt of cucumbers, through the brining process, to packaging, and delivery to their customers. Not only does this help Hausbeck keep accurate inventory but it also enables the company to respond to audits faster.

With Plex, Hausbeck can pull up inventory traceability information with the click of a mouse. This came in handy recently when performing a mock recall during a customer audit. Using the production date, the team was able to track forward and backward within minutes the ingredient identified by the auditor.

Most important is the ability to demonstrate Hausbeck’s compliance with customer specifications. One of the company’s biggest customers, Subway, rates suppliers based on scorecards—and providing comprehensive traceability is a major requirement. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud enabled Hausbeck to be one of Subway’s first suppliers to provide digital reporting, proving that the pickle company is a strategic partner.

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