The Benefits Of A Secure Supply Chain

A secure supply chain has quantifiable benefits.

A recent study has quantified the tangible business benefits of investing in supply chain security efforts.

Those benefits include:

  • Improved product safety (e.g., 38% reduction in theft/ loss/ pilferage, 37% reduction in tampering);
  • Improved inventory management (14% reduction in excess inventory, 12% increase in reported on-time delivery);
  • Improved supply chain visibility (50% increase in access to supply chain data, 30% increase in timeliness of shipping information);
  • Improved product handling ( 43% increase in automated handling of goods);
  • Process improvements (30% reduction in process deviations);
  • More efficient customs clearance process (49% reduction in cargo delays, 48% reduction in cargo inspections/examinations);
  • Speed improvements (29% reduction in transit time, 28% reduction in delivery time window);
  • Resilience (close to 30% reduction in problem identification time, response time to problems, and in problem resolution time);
  • Higher customer satisfaction (26% reduction in customer attrition and 20% increase in number of new customers).

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