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Dell To Build Factory In Poland

Dell Inc. announced a $254.4 million investment in a new factory in Poland as reported on Reuters Sept. 18. Dell has not invested much in Poland, as has its competitors, but the company expects the IT sector in Poland to expand 14% annually.

"The main reason for ... the location of the plant is its vicinity to a large client base, the chance to develop our activity on central European markets and access to a well-educated Polish workforce," Dell's European regional chief Paul Bell said in a statement.

Industry estimates suggest the Polish computer market was worth around $5.35 billion last year.

Dell currently employs 100 people in marketing, sales and customer support in Warsaw.

The plant, which will make laptops and servers, will open in the second half of next year and initially employ 1,000 people, eventually expanding to around 3,000, officials said.

Together with resulting investment by Dell suppliers, Polish officials say the new factory could be worth around 10,000 new jobs to Lodz, Poland's second largest city.

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