DuPont Wins National Safety Council's Green Cross Award

DuPont, a leader in the field of safety, can add the 2006 Green Cross for Safety Medallion for corporate excellence in safety to its awards. CEO Charles O. Holliday commented on Sept. 21 after receiving the award, "Today, our safety and protection businesses make up one of our five business growth platforms. We offer our knowledge, technology and innovations to customers around the world to help make their businesses and homes safer and to protect people, property, operations and the environment.

Safety at DuPont goes back to our founding in 1802 when E.I. du Pont designed and built his first gunpowder mills with the safety of his workers in mind. In the two centuries that followed, our company helped to write the book on industrial safety, and we became one of the safest companies in the world. Our commitment to safety also benefits our suppliers, customers and the communities where we operate. Anyone who has ever had contact with DuPont knows that safety is a conscious part of everything we do."

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