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Fellon-McCord Receives Supplier Recognition Award From Kimberly-Clark

Cited for $1 million in natural gas savings

Fellon-McCord, an energy consulting and management company,along with its affiliated companies Constellation NewEnergy Gas and Constellation NewEnergy Power, earned a 2007 Supplier Recognition Award for helping Kimberly-Clark save more than $1 million in energy costs in 2007.

Kimberly-Clark commented that Fellon-McCord "consistently minimized imbalance penalties for natural gas transportation," generating further cost savings. Fellon-McCord has worked with Kimberly-Clark since 2002. The energy firm helps manage natural gas contracts for eight Kimberly-Clark production facilities.

"Kimberly-Clark is the perfect example of a modern, forward-thinking corporation that seeks fresh ways of doing things in order to increase efficiency and reduce bottom line costs. Its Energy and Environmental Group have been receptive to our ideas and thinking, which is why weve been able to work together so productively," said Andrew (Drew) Fellon, CEO of Fellon-McCord & Associates.

Other savings resulted in Kimberly-Clark taking Fellon-McCord/Constellation team's recommendation to purchase electricity generated from landfill gas at discounted prices. The program led to a shift in sourcing for electrical power, resulting in 100% of Kimberly-Clark's consumption at its Dallas headquarters, as well as 30% of the use at its Paris, Texas production facility, now coming from landfill gas.

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