Portrait of a Best-in-Class Supply Chain

Aberdeen research identifies how companies identify supply-chain problems and proceed to solutions.

What role does supply chain management play in your organization? When analyst firm Aberdeen Group asked that question of 800 supply chain executives worldwide, most (56%) regard SCM as a market strategy differentiator, a customer service differentiator or a profit center, rather than simply a cost of doing business. Nearly half (49%) indicate that escalating customer service demands are driving their supply chain transformations, which prompted Aberdeen Group to develop the following PACE (pressures, actions, capabilities and enablers) scenario to explain how companies progress from identifying a problem to focusing on a solution.


  • Escalating customer service demands


  • Improving supply chain visibility
  • Improving sales and operations planning
  • Improving inventory optimization
  • Improving order fulfillment


  • Formalized supply chain risk management
  • Centralized supply chain organization
  • Executive position with end-to-end supply chain responsibility
  • Closed loop integration of supply chain planning and execution
  • Cross-functional metrics


  • Supply chain visibility tools
  • Sales and operations planning tools
  • Transportation management tools
  • Inventory optimization tools
  • Order fulfillment tools

Source: Aberdeen Group

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