Practical Product Development

Practical Product Development

A step-by-step guide to developing your product.

If you are looking for straightforward direction about launching a product development program to boost your business, then you may want to consider perusing The Pursuit Of New Product Development: The Business Development Process (Elsevier, 2007) by Marc A. Annacchino.

Written in almost a textbook fashion, the book's practical nature is evidenced by many of its chapter titles: The Business Objective, Justifying A Program -- The Accounting Viewpoint, and Executing The Plan.

Annacchino, owner of the Marconi Product Development Institute, is equally practical in laying out his ideas. Each chapter is presented in a modified outline format that breaks the text into easily digestible bites.

The Pursuit Of New Product Development may be too basic for manufacturers with already well-developed product development programs. For organizations just starting out, however, Annacchino's tome is a viable resource.

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