Schneider National Named 2009 Best Third-Party Service Provider

Cited for work with Whirlpool and Kimberly-Clark

Schneider National, Inc., a provider of transportation, logistics and intermodal services, has received the "2009 Best Third-Party Service Provider" recognition from the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions (VICS) Association.

Each year, the VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Awards recognize companies in the retail and consumer-focused industries that create solutions to eliminate billions of dollars of waste and delay from the supply chain. Schneider National and Schneider Logistics both received recognition this year.

"We are deeply honored to be recognized by the VICS board for helping to achieve greater supply chain efficiencies," said Steve Matheys, chief administration officer for Schneider National. "We are equally gratified that Kimberly-Clark and Whirlpool Corp. gave us the opportunity to work with them to enhance their supply chain operations. Collaborative solutions that result in real cost efficiencies have never been more important than during the recent economic downturn. "

"Schneider contributed logistics and technical expertise for freight movement and developed a 'Convergence' model for simplifying the invoicing process. The pilot with a major grocery retailer was successful in reducing handling costs and improving on-time service to stores," said Steve Harmon, vice president, corporate transportation for Kimberly-Clark Corp. Both Schneider National and Kimberly-Clark are eager to take the "Convergence" model from pilot to scale, ensuring continued efficiencies along the way.

Efforts with Whirlpool were equally compelling. Whirlpool and Schneider Logistics Consulting validated and catalogued global logistics cost across six continents, 50 factories, 140 warehouses, 200 suppliers and 300,000 customers. Through coordinated assessments, the joint team identified and prioritized more than 20 projects tied to network design, process improvements and best practices implementation.

"It was a monumental effort that has resulted in significant savings to-date, with a promise of even greater savings and efficiencies in the future," said Jack Gross, Schneider Logistics' vice president and general manager for global supply chain management.

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