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Toyota Recalls 116,000 Hi-Lux Vehicles

The recall is to check support brackets

Toyota announced on Sept. 8 a safety recall of more than 116,000 four-wheel-drive Hi-Lux vehicles in Australia, following concerns that the vehicles might be damaged if used frequently on rough roads.

The recall is to check support brackets on 116,507 petrol and turbo-diesel HiLux vehicles produced between January 2005 and February 2010, Toyota Australia said.

"In rural areas, if the vehicle is frequently accelerated or decelerated quickly on rough roads that feature extreme conditions, the rear tailshaft center bearing support brackets may give way," Toyota Australia said.

Nineteen cases of the problem, which could be worsened by constant use over cattle crossings, have been reported in Australia but only one involved the break down of the support brackets and nobody was injured in the incident.

Toyota spokeswoman Laura Hill said owners could continue to drive their Hi-Lux as the safety recall was a preventative action.

"It's a very rare case only happening under certain conditions; it's very specific," she said.

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